The difference between a good body and a truly great physique is having an expert personal trainer.


This is what Derek found after 12 weeks training with his world-class Ultimate Performance PT.

He was in good shape already, but he wanted to take his body to the next level to compete in his first ever men's physique bodybuilding show in Hong Kong.

Working under the guidance of his personal trainer to get maximum results on his training and nutrition helped him achieve that show-stopping physique.

His results after 12 weeks at UP speak for themselves.

"I had no doubts about the personal training," says Derek, who is assistant manager at Lululemon

"I knew that I wanted to extend my knowledge, improve my form, and most importantly find diet information that would get me contest ready for my show. The team at UP exceeded my expectations."



Over 12 weeks at UP, 27-year-old Derek was able to cut his body fat down to a shredded 7.7% while maintaining his strength to get in the best shape of his life for his bodybuilding contest.

"My results speak for themselves. My goal going in was to get contest-ready for my first men's physique show. 

"By the end, I had maintained my strength while being lean and finished second in the 180 cm division."

He started out as a mere gym enthusiast, but the education on training and nutrition he got with UP helped him reach that next level.

"I would describe the training as high intensity, fast paced, and form focused. 

"Often times when you get going fast you sacrifice form. This is not the case at UP and I did not suffer any injuries while doing my program."



The one thing that Derek remarks on is the results-driven and motivating atmosphere that is unique to UP. 

"I loved the atmosphere. I grew up playing sports and the gym brought me back into that high-intensity setting. 

"Corey did a great job pushing the team and myself to achieve optimal results."

What he was able to achieve in just 12 weeks with just 3-4 resistance training sessions is remarkable. 

But it's the knowledge that he built up while working with UP that will help him keep progressing and improving his health and fitness in the future. 

"I am confident now that I can continue to compete in men's bodybuilding and achieve results based on the training routine and nutritional advice that UP has provided me. 

"The program has opened up new doors I thought were not possible. I have even been asked to do a photo shoot for a company based off of the physique I achieved with UP."

"If you want to make changes to your life what are you waiting for?! Contact the team at UP and make your dreams a reality."