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Zrinka is Finally Body Confident After 53kg Fat Loss

Losing an incredible 53kg has been utterly life-changing for Zrinka. Now she is strong, confident and happy again after years of uncontrollable weight gain which left her feeling depressed and ‘worthless’. Zrinka had struggled alone with her weight for years, gaining more than 45kg over five years....

How to Respond to Haters

Bitter, hateful losers have existed since time immemorial. Up to a point we’ve simply got to suck it up and just consider dealing with them as a part of life. But without question, the dual rise of both social media and victimhood culture, where a...

How to Tell if Your Trainer is a Keeper

Being a great trainer is impossible to fake. You don’t have to like your client. In fact, in the unfortunate circumstance when you think your client is a schmuck, it really isn’t the end of the world. “Liking” someone is irrelevant, albeit mildly helpful. What...


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