Michael Eades is an author who I admire for both his intelligence and integrity. He writes a brilliant blog (Protein Power) that I encourage all of you to subscribe to if you are at all interested in health, nutrition, and arming yourself with the facts that can help you make the wisest decisions when it comes to the way that you should eat and/ or deal with the often misguided medical community and the dishonest messages emanating from much of “Big Pharma”.

His latest blog post on the multiple personalities that make up a conventional dieter is one of the most accurate and erudite pieces that I have read on the pyschology of dieting and how to think in order to control the demons.

I will share it with you below, but also advise you to take it upon yourselves to visit his site and have a good read and contemplation of what you find inside. I will make this required reading for all our personal training clients:


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