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Making Weight For A Fight

Gain an insight into how professionals weight train, as we answer some questions to help you train better


Want to Learn more about Protein? Here's all you need to know when it comes to Protein and intense training.

UP arms day training

100 Muscle Building Tips

Looking to build muscle? Follow our 100 bodybuilding tips that if implemented correct will help you gain muscle mass.

A Six Pack In Six Weeks

Commit to an intense training in order to achieve an impressive six pack in just six weeks! The results are miraculous

Gift Packages

We are offering Personal Training gift packages that is an ideal present for a loved one!

Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell the world renowned trainer shares his background

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Nick Mitchell's Blog

UP Founder & Amazon Bestselling Fitness Author.

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UP Life

Ex-gymnast and Social Media Manager for Ultimate Performance.

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UP in the Kitchen

Healthy recipe suggestions from UP's Food Consultant, to keep your food nutritious and delicious.

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