U.P. is hiring Personal Trainers for our Leeds team.

We are excited to be recruiting for Personal Trainers for our world-class gym in Leeds!

Your experience level is not important, although of course if you have the right experience there is a premium we would willingly pay for that. You can also be as green and new to the industry as they come. Our goal would be to educate and mould you as one of the future leaders of U.P., just as we have already done with some of the trainers who joined us as juniors on our first Junior Training Scheme in 2012.

We are a meritocracy and only care about your ability to get the job done and your overall potential.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Aptitude can be taught but you do need to look hard at yourself before you apply to U.P. We are not an easy company to work for because we demand that you deliver your very best performance every single time. This is the U.P. Way and it is a non-negotiable quality that we are looking for.

If you are interested in building a career that will allow you to:

  1. See the world.
  2. Be pushed to never accept anything less than your very best.
  3. Work alongside some of the leading trainers in the fitness industry
  4. Build a genuine career that is much more than trading your time for money on a commercial gym floor, so that you can grow into the right long-term role for you.
  5. Work in a culture where results not numbers are the name of the game.
  6. Be judged for your ability to “make a change” (which can mean many things depending upon the client and the niche that you yourself follow) and not on your ability to self-promote and talk about yourself on social media.

Then we want to speak to YOU.