Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Taking our amino acid supplements before a workout can help you jumpstart muscle protein synthesis to start repairing your muscles faster. Additionally, these supplements can also decrease muscle protein breakdown, while reducing soreness and improving muscle recovery time after a workout.

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    Amplify Workout

    Better Workout
    Build Muscle
    Insulin Sensitivity
    Amplify supports gym performance to maximise workout results. Leucine, glutamine and glycine work together to activate muscle growth, alongside electrolytes replacing those lost in sweat to maintain endurance and prevent muscle cramps.

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    Taurine Powder Health & Wellbeing

    Recovery Aid
    Better Workout
    Stress Reduction
    Taurine Powder provides the body with taurine, an amino acid found in only small amounts in traditional protein sources. Taurine has a multitude of key uses in the body, including aiding muscle cell volumisation during your workout to improve...
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