The term ‘longevity’ is sometimes used as a synonym for ‘life expectancy’. Certain vitamins and minerals that correlate with better cardiac health – such as omega-3, vitamin D3, and curcumin – may help turn back the clock and boost your longevity. That’s why they’re included in our longevity supplements here.

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    Longevity Essentials

    Some of the best supplements for healthy ageing are included in this stack. Curcumin has been shown to suppress the growth of many types of tumours and promote healthy function in a multitude of physiological systems. Omega 3 oils are essential for...
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    Workout Inflammation Bundle

    Our Inflammation Bundle includes:
    • Longvida Curcumin - a recommended supplement for the reduction of inflammation in a highly absorbable form.
    • Amplify (Lemon and Lime) - an intra-workout drink that contains glutamine and...


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