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We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. All of our supplements were developed with the goal of helping our in-gym personal training clients achieve their fitness goals. Only the most effective products are then released to the market for general sale, and you can shop them now.

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Shop from our selection of essential protein and amino acid supplements you need for an effective muscle-building program.

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We’ve formulated a series of comprehensive blends to help support your fitness routine and maximise your workout results.

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Whatever your fitness goal may be, we have the right supplements to help you hit it.

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Fulfil all your health supplements and vitamin needs with our supplements.


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All our supplements were created to fulfil our clients and customers’ health and fitness needs. They’re the products of our years of personal training experience, designed to help you look and feel the best. Here are some of our bestsellers that you need to try to experience the benefits for yourself.

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U.P. supplements have helped our clients all around the world transform their fitness and take their athletic performance to the next level, and they can help you too.

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Ultimate Performance is the single most successful business in the global personal training industry.

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We operate private gyms in 9 countries spanning across 4 continents – and still counting.

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U.P. supplements are the results of our experience in working with thousands of real-life clients.

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U.P. supplements were developed to help our clients achieve the best body transformations.

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We formulate all our supplements using only the most effective and highest quality ingredients.

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All our supplements are battle-tested with U.P. clients to ensure they deliver maximum results.