Life had taken its toll on Julian's body.

Eating out, entertaining clients and living off fast food since moving to Dubai had left him with a body he wasn't happy with.

But after just eight short weeks Julian went from having a fast food belly to an incredible six pack after working with his Ultimate Performance personal trainer.

It's a stunning transformation –  but there is no magic to it. Julian isn't a genetic freak, and he didn't have to spend hours in the gym every day to forge this body. It's simply down to good old-fashioned hard work and consistency.

He is a busy executive with a life and a career – but training just four times a week under UP's 'maximum results, minimum time' mantra, he was able to get in the best shape of his life. 

He dropped around 6kg and cut his body fat down to a lean 11.5% over his eight-week personal training programme.  


After finishing his eight-week transformation, Julian was thrilled with the results.

"I was leaner, in a better mental place, body fat had come down, and I was stronger. 

"I couldn't see a little belly poking through my t-shirt either – which was nice!"

Coming to UP Dubai, his goal was simply to shed fat and get in better shape – but the results have surpassed anything he could have imagined. 

"I was really hoping to become leaner and change my mentality towards exercise and get in the habit of wanting to eat well and stay fit.

"I genuinely felt so much better both physically and mentally; I was pleased that I had maintained my discipline and was very happy with the results."

Julian's health and fitness had taken a hit when he first came to Dubai – the lifestyle of eating and drinking had made him put on body fat. 


He explained: "I have always eaten reasonably well, but having just moved out to Dubai, I had got sucked into one too many brunches and the vast array of fast food. 

"I was entertaining clients a lot and drinking too much."

But starting his eight-week training programme with UP Dubai changed all that almost instantaneously.

Julian got back the consistency he was missing and got his diet back on track which helped him get his impressive transformation results.

"I surprised myself with how much I was able to change. I was training four times per week and once you do that you really don't want to ruin the hard work by pigging out

"I chose a food company to supply my meals, and I drank very rarely. Whenever we went out, I stuck to grilled meats and fish. It was easier than had imagined."

The results didn't just improve his body composition – but his health and performance outside of the gym, and even his productivity at work.

"My energy levels were higher, everything seemed more effortless, and there genuinely seemed to be more hours in the day. I didn't even crave the fast food that I did before.

"I do believe that it also has a massively positive effect on everything else you do. You want to be more focused and succeed in every task outside of the gym as well."


Probably the most surprising thing for Julian was how easily his training programme fit into his busy lifestyle – it didn't require endless hours in the gym every day to look like this. Each of his hour-long training sessions were programmed for ultimate efficiency and maximum impact.

"It has helped me to realise that you can change your body without it affecting your life too much," he said.

"I work European hours, so I start later and finish later. I found I could get the sessions in before work and that set me off for the day. 

"You feel you have achieved something before the day starts which is a nice feeling. It became part of my day and was invigorating."

Training one to one with his UP personal training has been an education for Julian in how to optimise his training and nutrition to get, and maintain, the body he wants.

But he says the most important thing he has taken from his eight-week transformation was rediscovering discipline.

"Once you see results, you want to see more. If you are committed in the gym and disciplined with training, it continues in the rest of your living life."

When asked if he would recommend UP, Julian said:  "I definitely would. It may seem expensive initially, but you will see results in 12 weeks that it could potentially take you a year to achieve (if at all) if you went to the gym on your own. 

It gives you a focus, and when you see results, it motivates you to see more. My trainer James was a legend. He pushed me and helped me gain the focus I was missing both in my diet and in my work ethic."