Male Fat Loss Essentials

Male Fat Loss Essentials


Inflammation and poor phase 3 detox are the top causes of difficulty losing fat in men. The combination of ingredients proven to reduce inflammation in Inflammation Support, combined with improved phase 3 detox supported by Pre-Bio Fibre helps allow optimal blood flow to adipose tissue. This can improve leptin signalling, allow better nutrient flow from fat cells and reduce swelling in adipose tissue.

Inflammation Support

Inflammation Support contains ingredients known to reduce systemic inflammation in the body. This brings with it benefits to overall health, as well as improving the aesthetic appearance and feel of fat.

60 capsules

Pre-Bio Fibre

Pre-Bio Fibre contains two different types of fibre to provide intestinal bulk and prebiotic nourishment for digestive bacteria – improving appetite control and overall body composition, as well as maintaining regular bowel movements.