LiveUP Female Essentials


LiveUP Female Essentials


Throughout your LiveUP program, optimal health and results are positively affected by aiding proper digestion, maximising performance and optimising recovery. This stack promotes efficient digestion and nutrient absorption with Digestive Enzymes, rebalancing omega 3 intake with Omega 3 Concentrate, and UltraMag to replenish lost minerals and maintain great sleep quality. It also includes Chocotrients, our superfood formula that supports the body’s natural energy, metabolism, fat-burning, digestion, detoxification, immunity, repair, recovery, revitalisation, and longevity. Finally, you will benefit from the addition of Whey Protein to kick-start the recovery process, and Amplify to maximise recovery and performance intra-workout. The LiveUP Essentials stack meets all of your supplement requirements for an online training program.


Amplify supports gym performance to maximise workout results. Leucine, glutamine and glycine work together to activate muscle growth, alongside electrolytes replacing those lost in sweat to maintain endurance and prevent muscle cramps.

Lemon & Lime

Chocotrients: Fruit & Greens Powder

Chocotrients is phytonutrient-rich and easy-to-mix, made with whole food concentrates providing a great tasting and quick way to experience the benefits of phytonutrients. Each portion is only 46 kcals, making it a perfect low calorie chocolate fix.


Digestive Enzymes

A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes to help restore food absorption by breaking down macronutrients in the gut. Digestive Enzymes includes lactase to aid the breakdown of lactose and reduce digestive discomfort.

90 capsules

Omega-3 Concentrate

Omega 3 Concentrate contains the two most important components of fish oil – EPA and DHA – both with the benefit of fighting depression, improving heart health and reducing liver fat, joint pain, inflammation and muscle pain.

120 softgels


UltraMag contains a highly bioavailable form of magnesium, playing an important role in the health of brain and body, directly impacting training, recovery and muscle activity.

Whey Protein

U.P. Whey Protein shake is a protein with unparalleled taste and EasyMix technology, providing your body with a full spectrum of nutrients including BCAAs and all essential amino acids.

Vanilla Ice Cream