Inflammation Bundle


Inflammation Bundle

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Our Inflammation Bundle includes:

  • Longvida Curcumin – a recommended supplement for the reduction of inflammation in a highly absorbable form.
  • Amplify (Lemon and Lime) – an intra-workout drink that contains glutamine and glycine, which both help the body recover from a workout and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • U.P. Encyclopaedia Vol. 2: Body Transformation Meal Plan Design – to help you reduce inflammation with diet and exercise.

Longvida Curcumin

U.P. Curcumin capsules use a breakthrough formula of the natural plant extract curcumin, from the turmeric root. It is optimised to deliver free curcumin into target tissues through the critical bioavailability requirements of permeability, solubility and stability.

60 capsules


Amplify contains a mix of amino acids, electrolytes and a small amount of carbs to ensure that muscle and other cells stay fully hydrated during your workout. Leucine, glutamine and glycine work synergistically to boost cellular hydration and activate mTORC pathways inside cells.

Lemon & Lime

Body Transformation Meal Plan Design

Distilled from our experience as the world’s leading results producing trainers, Volume 2 of the UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training gives you everything that you need to know to understand and create your own body transformation meal plans and diets. For the first time ever we show you how we take into account individual clients' commitment levels; taste buds; dietary restrictions; budget; time limitations and of course, goals! Aimed at the beginner right through to the experienced professional personal trainer, we have included every lesson that we have learned in creating ways of eating that work in the real world for fat loss and dramatic body transformation improvements. This is not a book that gives you just one plan and you must hope that it works for you and the unique things that you need to stick to the right diet. It is a book that teaches you how to eat, not merely tells you, so that you can go into the world with confidence in your nutritional plan.

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