Female Fat Loss Essentials

Female Fat Loss Essentials


Hormonal imbalances and the negative effects of the byproducts of female hormone breakdown can make it difficult for women to lose fat. The combination of ingredients known to promote healthy estrogen metabolism in Estro Support, combined with improved phase 3 detox supported by Pre-Bio Fibre helps reduce fat storage caused by hormones in women.

Estro Support

Estro Support is designed to help optimise the natural detoxification of estrogen and other hormone-like chemicals your body is exposed to, including plastics, soy products and even tap water.

Weight gain, severe mood swings, PMS symptoms and even ‘man boobs’ can be a result of xeno-estrogens or imbalances between estrogen and other hormones for both men and women.

The expertly crafted formula enables optimised breakdown and detoxification of estrogen. This gives your body the best chance to lose stubborn lower body fat, regulate hormonal balance and potentially help with the appearance of cellulite.

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Pre-Bio Fibre

Pre-Bio Fibre contains two different types of fibre to provide intestinal bulk and prebiotic nourishment for digestive bacteria – improving appetite control and overall body composition, as well as maintaining regular bowel movements.