Basic Essentials

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Basic Essentials

Optimal health is most easily affected positively by aiding 3 things – efficient digestion to get the most out of the nutrients we eat with Digestive Enzymes, the multitude of benefits from rebalancing our omega-3 intake with Omega-3 Concentrate, and replacing deficient vitamin D3 with D3 Replenish. For those on a budget, this is the best stack to promote general health.

D3 Replenish

D3 Replenish provides vitamin D3 along with vitamin K1 and K2. Vitamins D and K are essential for a multitude of physiological processes, from your cognitive functions and your immune system to your general health and wellbeing.

120 capsules

Digestive Enzymes

A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes to help restore food absorption by breaking down macronutrients in the gut. Digestive Enzymes includes lactase to aid the breakdown of lactose and reduce digestive discomfort.

90 capsules

Omega-3 Concentrate

Omega 3 Concentrate contains the two most important components of fish oil – EPA and DHA – both with the benefit of fighting depression, improving heart health and reducing liver fat, joint pain, inflammation and muscle pain.

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