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U.P. Dubai Marina

23rd Floor, Media One Tower,
1 Al Falak St,
Al Sufouh,
00000 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

Following hot on the heels of our original location, Ultimate Performance Dubai, is U.P. Dubai Marina, further strengthening our presence in the U.A.E.

From where we are sitting, the Dubai fitness scene has been transformed with the addition of Ultimate Performance into an already competitive space. Commercial gyms thrive here, and the health and fitness industry is only going from strength to strength, becoming a meaningful part of life, in even the most hectic of schedules. Until we came onto the scene, the standard of personal training advice available in the city was lacking, however.

We wanted to change that. As the only international personal training business on the planet, we can comfortably claim that our personal trainers are world class. We have countless results to prove it. How do we do it? Through a relentless quest to continually improve and consistently deliver on our central promise of “maximum results, in minimum time”. Our personal trainers are, more often than not, internal transfers from other U.P. locations worldwide. They come to the City looking to build long-term careers within U.P. – subverting the typical personal training where time on the gym floor is traded for money in the pocket. Client results are the only driver, freeing our personal trainers from having to prowl gym floors looking for business, or endlessly promote themselves on social media. Their only focus is on delivering top quality results for you, and therefore return on your investment.

This state of the art gym is located in Media One Tower, off Sheikh Zayed Road, exit 32. It is the latest and, we think, greatest addition to our portfolio that has to be seen to be believed – catering to the serious trainee, a sorely underserved group.

Dubai Marina offers something extra in your training experience, and by that we don’t mean a row of plasma screens in front of the exercise bikes and treadmills. Instead, we have created a gym environment that readily caters to Olympic athletes in the same stroke as regular people who have never set foot in a gym before. For us, no matter your level of fitness, in training with U.P. your goals are the same – wanting to maximise your limited exercise time and achieve results in however many sessions you can squeeze in each week. You would much rather that than endlessly spinning your wheels in a commercial gym, with less passionate and focused personal trainers.

What makes personal training in U.P. Dubai Marina different to training anywhere else in the city? Allow us to explain:

  1. Our gym is by appointment only, and so you never have to queue to use a machine. Your privacy is guaranteed, and a personal trainer is with you every step of your session to make sure you are getting the most out of every lift.
  2. We are not a personal training studio, and so we have a greater range of equipment at our disposal, and plenty of space to breathe. This means that workouts can be properly progressed and injuries can be easily worked around in the same high energy atmosphere seen in U.P. gyms worldwide.
  3. Everyone is welcome in our gym. We do not care about your ability, previous gym experience or level of fitness. All we care about is your attitude. You don’t have to be fit to start in U.P. Dubai Marina, but you do have to be serious about wanting to improve yourself. Without that ambition and drive, you will feel more at home in a spa or commercial gym.
  4. We are a family, a sentimental notion but an all too appropriate one in any U.P. location anywhere on the globe. Our founder Nick Mitchell has created a unique environment where everyone roots for each other here. We consciously keep the gym floor quiet so you can quickly get to know the faces and names around you, drawing from them to gain inspiration and root for them as readily as they root for you.
  5. Ours are the best equipped gyms in Dubai, without question. No other private gym can offer the range and quality of equipment that we can. Our equipment can be easily adapted to accommodate and work towards any goal – be it fat loss, building muscle or getting super lean and fit.

Can we back up our claims? Of course we can. The countless results we deliver on a daily basis are as great a testament to how effective our approach is as it is possible to get. Be our guests and browse at your leisure.

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