Leg Day Hypertrophy Camp at Ultimate Performance Manchester

November 19, 2017 08:30 - 18:00
1 day
November 19, 2017 08:30 - 18:00
Ultimate Performance Manchester, The XYZ Building, Level B1, 2 Hardman Boulevard, M3 3AQ, United Kingdom

What you need to know about this event

Are you serious about training?

Do you want to push yourself harder and further than ever before?

Are you ready to learn the secrets of how Ultimate Performance’s advanced training methods deliver world class body transformation results time after time?

Then you cannot miss out on UP’s Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp – you will have never trained like this before.  


Manchester Ultimate Performance Leg Day


What you will learn

The world’s leading personal trainers at Ultimate Performance are in Manchester to show you the REAL way to train and grow your legs and get the maximum out of every session.

The Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp comprises of three incredibly challenging practical workouts based around strength, hypertrophy and volume.

We are firm believers in learning through doing, and these three sessions will provide you with advanced techniques and knowledge that you can implement immediately in your own training or to optimise results with your clients.

This hands-on, heavy and hardcore approach to learning is reinforced with two seminars exploring biomechanics, kinesiology and exercise optimisation in greater depth.

Combing the theory and the practice will provide you with a plateau-busting methodology to take away that will ensure huge progressions and continued development for you and your clients.

  • Learn directly from the world-class personal trainers at Ultimate Performance
  • Understand how to maximise leg training for strength and hypertrophy
  • Master advanced muscle building techniques in the gym
  • Learn how to push harder and achieve more than you ever thought possible
  • Develop knowledge, techniques and skills you can implement straight away to seriously improve your results
  • Gain a deep understanding of the theory and practice of leg training that will improve your business performance


UP Manchester Leg Day


What happens on the day

You will have never experienced training as challenging as the sessions designed for the Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp.

The day comprises of three sessions – each one focussed on a specific area: strength, hypertrophy and volume.

There are also two seminars in between the workouts, exploring theories, skills and techniques you can then try out during the gym sessions.

What clients say

“How would I describe the sessions? Brutal is a pretty good descriptive term, harsh, unforgiving, and beneficial is probably the last word I would finish with.

“Because you kind of test yourself and see how far you can go, but you can tell that if you were to do that all the time how much you would adapt and change and get stronger and better.

“I mean, that’s why they have the results so quick in comparison to other people.” Eathon, personal trainer.


“The trainers are excellent, seriously, they motivate you and they’re always pushing you and they’re not going to do something with you that you’re not capable of doing.

“They’re always there supporting you so you don’t feel scared or worried about what’s going to happen.” - Laura, deputy head teacher.

Who leads the camp?

The Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp is led by Nick Daniel who is one of the most senior personal trainers across the global business at Ultimate Performance.

Nick, who has been at the pinnacle of the fitness industry with UP for the past seven years, says: “The camp is designed to be the toughest and most intense workout of your life. You will train harder than ever before and push yourself beyond the limit you thought possible.

“We don’t teach things you can just read in a book – we teach you things you can apply straight away in the gym.

“You learn better through doing, not through reading – so we go heavy and we go hard in the sessions, pushing you, optimising technique and focussing on activating the right muscles.

“The camp will show you not only what you are truly capable of, but also demonstrate just what it takes to get truly exceptional results with your physique.”


Who is it aimed at?

The Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp is for fitness professionals, personal trainers and anyone intermediate or advanced who is serious about taking their training to the next level.

If you want to be pushed harder than you’ve ever trained before and learn the secrets of what it takes to develop a world class physique, then this camp is for you.

Where is it?

Ultimate Performance Manchester, The XYZ Building, Level B1, 2 Hardman Boulevard, M3 3AQ, United Kingdom

When is it?

Sunday, November 19, 2017 08:30 - 18:00

Extra information

Tickets for the Ultimate Leg Day Training Camp are limited and sell out fast, so to avoid missing out, ensure you book a place on the camp early.

If you want any other information on the camp or need help with hotels, travel advice, parking or food while you’re here, simply contact caroline@upfitness.co.uk

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