Dani's 9-Week Body Proves Weights Don't Make You Bulky

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9-week transformation Ultimate Performance

Will weight training make you bulky?

You only have to see Daniella’s stunning 9-week transformation at Ultimate Performance (UP) to see the answer. 

The 27-year-old online business owner credits heavy weight training as the secret to sculpting her amazing toned new figure. 

Daniella, who took on her UP transformation alongside her partner Victor, says switching from circuit training to focusing on lifting weights at UP helped her lose weight and tone up in a matter of weeks. 

To any women who still think weightlifting makes you bulky, Hong Kong Client of the Month Daniella had this to say: "One thing that I want to tell other women is that don’t be afraid to lift heavy. 

"Don’t be afraid to train at a high intensity. You won’t get bulky."

Here Daniella explains how she made such an impressive transformation in just nine weeks...



What was your motivation for starting your transformation?


I’ve always been working out. But I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. 

That’s what really motivated me to start training at UP. 


What was your training routine and diet like before UP?


I mostly did circuit training six times a week. I wasn’t really controlling my diet much. 

It was quite intuitive. I was getting some results, but definitely not as great as the results I’ve got since I joined UP. 



What has been the best thing about training at UP?


It’s amazing to see how your body can change so much in just nine weeks with the right training, the right nutrition and the right intensity. 


How does it make you feel to see your body change from week to week?


It feels great to see how my body has changed since I started the programme. I was never able to see my abs, and now I can see them, which was great. 

It can be really hard for girls to do that. Now I’m so happy that I was able to achieve that with UP. 



What did you find hardest about these nine weeks?


My boyfriend and I are such foodies, and there are so many new restaurants in Hong Kong every week, so definitely controlling our diet was the hardest part. 

The training was hard. But it’s the controlling of your diet which is the hardest part, we found. 

What does your partner Victor think?


He was actually quite embarrassed that I’m actually doing more than him on the leg press than he was doing. 

But it definitely motivates him to get stronger and stop skipping leg days. 



Do you enjoy weight training?


Yes, I love weight training. 

I’m not afraid to train with heavier weights now, whereas before I was just doing bodyweight circuits prior to the UP experience. I love training with weights now. 


What would your advice be to other women about weight training?


One thing that I want to tell other women is that don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Don’t be afraid to train at a high intensity. You won’t get bulky. You won’t get big biceps; it’s not that easy. 

It really takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals. But you can do it. 


If the Dani we met on Day 1 was in this room what would you say?


I would tell the old me ‘just keep going; you can do it! It’s hard, but you will be able to see great results if you continue and just go and do it!’

I love weight training. I love seeing that week after week I’m able to lift heavier than before, and I’m getting stronger. 


Did you exceed your expectations?


Yes, definitely. I’ve exceeded my own expectations, my family’s expectations and even Victor’s expectations by doing things that I wasn’t able to do before and by achieving goals that I set myself up to do. 

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