Nick Mitchell on the Personal Training Industry

Personal Trainers

Today I am being a tad bit lazy, and copying an article detailing my thoughts on Personal Trainers that I originally published on my website (UPFitness). The reason for the replication of old work, is that aside from being incredibly busy at the moment working with a range of exciting new clients and projects (lots of strength work for an elite group of MMA athletes here in London, but more on that later), I just feel the need to vent my frustration at so many of those who purport to be personal trainers are sorely lacking in any ability to make positive changes to their clients’ body composition and overall levels of conditioning. Far, far too many London personal trainers like to balance themselves on a fitball and do squats as a way of showing off. Sure, it's a great circus trick, but it has no bloody use unless you’re an aspiring acrobat! 

So without further ado, here are my views on much of the personal training industry:

It’s a terrible thing to admit but sometimes I am embarrassed to say that I am in the personal training industry. This is a particularly strange and complex feeling for me as I very rarely, if ever, meet anyone who communicates quite the same passion and zeal that I possess for all things related to health, fitness and helping people get into the best possible shape. In fact, I usually fudge the issue when asked and mumble something about being a coach and having a training business of my own. Both of which are true, but this doesn’t exonerate me from the reality that, I am also by any definition a “personal trainer”. So why do I resist the sobriquet so stubbornly?


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