Have You Found The Joy of Exercise?


Have you found the joy of exercise? - Nick Mitchell

The harder you train, the better your results will be.

This rule applies 99.9% of the time. In fact, one of the things I despair about when I see young guys train these days is how so few of them seem to train really hard, whereas when I was coming up in the 1990s it was a badge of honour to be the hardest training guy in the room.

All of the young men who want to gain muscle should stop agonising over moment arcs and just shut the **** up and lift, and stop worrying about macros and intermittent fasting and just shut the the **** up and eat good wholesome food. The girls don’t get away with it either - they should get in the gym and lift like demons, not waste their time on endless hours of daily cardio and glute kickbacks on a smith machine.

Now having said all of that, the bottom line is that for the vast majority of the general public the single most important thing to do is just move every day, and ideally find something that gets your heart rate up and gives you an endorphin high. We can sweat the smaller stuff once we’ve embraced the concept of exercise and learned to love our bodies again.

The JOY OF EXERCISE is a very, very real thing. If you’re in the fitness industry your goal is to embrace this concept, teach it to your clients, and enshrine the concept that to exercise and move your body is a privilege that none of us should ever take for granted. And if that means accepting that some of us get off on glute cable, half pike, duck face kickbacks then so be it, the world is a better place when we exercise no matter the way that we do it!

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