77 Ultimate Tips Every Hardgainer Needs to Build Muscle


77 Ultimate muscle building tips

Ultimate Performance has compiled the Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle with 77 in-depth rules to help hardgainers pack on muscle mass.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Goal setting, tracking results and the basics of setting up a muscle building plan
  • Constructing a muscle building diet, including macros, nutrient timing and calories
  • Training for maximum muscle - the perfect programme, exercises, form, technique, time under tension, intensity, reps, sets and more
  • Supplements, sleep, hormones, hydration and creating optimal conditions for hypertrophy.

Ultimate Performance lives and dies by the mantra of 'maximum results, minimum time' - so we have created this guide to share decades' worth of knowledge we and other body composition experts have built up to help you pack on quality lean muscle tissue.

Absorb the lessons and apply the knowledge of training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle optimisation to your fitness regime and you will undoubtedly see real results...


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