'Hands off our meat!'

I have to remind myself that not everyone wants to or can afford a big freezer full of bison, beef, elk, rabbit, venison, chicken, and turkey.

But this, plus all types of veg, berries, fruit, eggs, largely gluten-free grains, nuts and certain dairy (lactose-free agrees with them better than regular) is how I choose to feed my family.

We are not militant, they have ice cream, popcorn and desserts on occasion, just not all the time and when we can we go for healthier options (which is very easy to do here in California) we do.

I'm very fortunate in that I don't have to budget for a weekly food shop, but if I did, I can promise you that we would eat the same and sacrifice on other things. How we feed our children should not come at the expense of a new flatscreen TV or a two week holiday to Spain!

Freeze meat

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