Job Description – From the Founder and CEO

Personal Assistant to myself and my family. Must be “as native” in spoken and written English; excellent spoken Spanish and proficient written Spanish. Czech would be an unlooked-for bonus, other languages would also be potentially advantageous. Only English and Spanish are “must haves”.

This is a role that would require a lot of personal interaction with the Mitchell family, as such the following personal characteristics are essential:

  • Must enjoy dealing with children
  • Must be comfortable around large dogs
  • Suitable driving license for Spain

My wife is Czech and grew up in a Communist country. She always speaks her mind. We are a robust family and integrating with us would require someone of a similar temperament and humour.

Other Qualities

Someone who takes pride in doing a job well done, no matter what the task.

A good communicator. To get on with me you need to be able to be forthright and want to speak your mind. Honesty in everything is highly valued.

You cannot be a clock watcher. Some days, the hours will be very easy and other days they will not. You are far more likely to be asked to work more early mornings than late evenings. You must be punctual. You should have a physical aversion to being late for anything.

You will need to enjoy a degree of autonomy. Whilst you will have the support of a wider business on corporate U.P. matters, you will have to fly free when covering personal matters. Not everyone enjoys winging it, you will not mind.

You are the exact opposite of the person who sits around waiting for things to do. You enjoy being busy and your friends would consider you a doer. Please think carefully on this – many people are not doers, there’s nothing wrong with that but you’ll irritate me no end and it’s better to save both of us the hassle and wasted time by owning it.

Bonus Features

As well as the more standard PA tasks, there will be opportunities to work with me on media endeavours. This could range from filming workouts through to scheduling podcasts and even helping host videos and podcasts if you had the desire and ability.


Significantly above the local average executive PA salary in the area. Enough to start saving decent money every month with a clear and structured plan to make more based on performance and time served.

I’ve built a global business from scratch by creating a team who all share the same vision of ceaselessly doing their best and have each other’s backs. That’s the kind of person who will succeed in this job, and in that case they’d have a job with me for as long as they wanted because loyalty and respect are earned qualities in which I place the utmost value.

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*subject to work visa eligibility